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I thought I 'd share some stories from around a few years ago when I married my first wide6 wife. My wife and I were on a routine based on sex is concerned. We had talked many times and I knew she was happy with once every two weeks while I was still there 3-4 times a week ( we were both in our early 30's then). It was agreed that the commitment once a week if I was lucky, and I 've always felt that was me pleasure because it never instigated or who seemed to enjoy it all. She has never masturbated or touched her pussy as she thought it was dirty, was definitely not interested in me or anal sex play with your ass, do not like the taste or the feel of semen into the skin, but also struck me, as long as my penis was very clean. He never spoke of his former lover, as she always said she could not remember ( although the size of their penises !). So overall, I was beginning to feel was boring sex life for many years with the possibility of having an affair threatens to reach theHorizon! Then one day a friend lent me a blue film and suggested that we look together to see if your time. The first short films were only couples fucking, amateur then you came to the two couples saw a blue film. It was obviously an amateur film, as people from outside 'normal', for example, one of the guys had a belly, and the other was bald, and wide6 both women were on the chubby side. They started wide6 the game with their partners, and then replaced. My wife asked me very interested in this type of film and if they ever consider sharing. She said that if it ever would have with a partner safe, boring. We had a few people gathered at antenatal classes if we all had our children and one of the pairs are used as S and J. They were quite serious and boring and did not have many friends, and those who have been Mr. woman had personality, but she had her heart in the right place. both were very normal looking and very set in their ways. S was not ugly but not pretty, and had big teeth, a chest almost flat, but a nice ass nice big athletic legs, and how much to play badminton. J was wide6 on the other side even more and never stand out from the crowd, in fact, if he has committed a crime, it would be difficult to give a description. IS used to see once a week, when she took her son to play with us. Previously, we have to talk about boring stuff until one day they talked about sex! The children were very young and did not understand what he said, he had to speak freely. It began with the question of how many times we did, how she and J had reached a point where sex had become routine, and he did frequently enough for your taste ! I said, we have it once a week, which is usually not enough for my taste either. S gave me a funny look and asked if I 'd ever consider sex in front of another couple, he said he probablyBut it was in the other pair is blocked because of my wife. Then she took a deep breath and explained that she and J were in a sexual routine and decided to try and experiment. They had discussed things and decided to observe that another couple could fuck more ideas, and had decided that my wife and I were the perfect couple. IS said to have the same thought after they discussed a blue film. We agreed it would be a good start, home videos of each do what it replaced. This afternoon I mentioned, what S had said, and my wife was not interested and very angry that I talked about this with another woman. But next week I took a video S and I said, we had wide6 ours has done, but my wife is more interested. That night I told my wife, wide6 I and J, S -video, and wanted to see him, because he wanted to wide6 see for a laugh anyway. Reluctantly, we said yes and downto observe. It began with S lying in bed with stockings and garters, then J has approached her pants. He lay down beside her and kissed her while squeezing her small tits. SJ pushed on the bed and looks at the camera said wide6 that my wife might be interested in this, and proceeded to pull their pants down. Even my wife was panting like J- big cock came into view. J always wore baggy clothes and now we can see why. It has to be a good 9 'long and very thick, with large hanging balls. S took it and slowly began to masturbate, pulling down the foreskin with each stroke below shows the large bulbous head. My wife twisted together to me, so my wide6 hand since the discovery of his pants wet. S stood up and pulled her pants and straddled J sitting on his tail. J took her buttocks, so we could see twisted the fanny lips around it. After a few seconds, literally, S J said it would come so fastmind wide6 was on him and masturbated him fast, so to shake his balls until he suddenly grunted and lots and lots of cum came shooting. Suddenly my wife said, panting beside me and pressed wide6 my hand between her thighs when I realized I had an orgasm! She asked me to rewind and freeze the image, where the first batch of semen came out. When I turned around she was completely naked and was asking me to fuck her in the act! So I was bound and one of the best shit wide6 I've had with it. We talked seriously about making a video later, but she said, why not try having sex in the same room! S told me that my wife had said, and one day was held next weekend, where all our children were dismissed. When the day came when my wife was very nervous and said he wanted to cancel. He was still speaking, as when we arrived at the house of J and S in the evening. He said that J and S be as nervous as us, and we should take it as it comes. J opened the door and when walked in his living room, one could say that everyone was nervous. We started to drink, and S, and my wife were steaming inside. The conversation was very tense and everyone wide6 was excited to see what would happen next. I had brought a porn movie with me and suggested we see it and try to relax. When I was on all drinks refilled, and wide6 S, and my wife must have had a bottle wide6 of each wine and a half now. My wife whispered in my ear that feels very small. We were with our respective partners sat on sofas in the living room, as the film began. wide6 I had brought on the subject of wife swapping in itself. It's a good movie and pretty soon I had an erection trying to bust your way out of my pants. My wife told me, grabbed my cock through his pants, pressing lightly. When no objection, she whispered in my ear, which could leave, and told me that if they wanted. So do not waste your time opened his fly and pulled my dryUsers and my cock jumped pants check to see. Grabbing slowly began to masturbate up and down. I had my arm around her and had slipped his hand into the breast of his shirt and pushed a fat. Then came back and unbuttoned his wide6 shirt and pulled him to reveal her breasts of fat in one of her lacy bra. Before I could object that came behind her and undid his belt, wide6 falling to her bra and her breasts are spilling caused. J eyes out of his head, and the bulge in his pants was enormous. My wife said that should not be a J turn to burst out of his cock! S still seemed a little nervous, so while J brought to a close, my wife and I throw the rest of the clothes, so they were completely naked. Meanwhile, J only pants and gasped when she pulled down my wife, as his huge cock came into view. It looked bigger in real life and his big wide6 balls hanging down. I was playing my wife, and she shuddered when she askedhimself an idiot! That was my wife sexually boring! As J grabbed his penis and began pumping my wife cried aloud and lifted his ass off the couch like a big orgasm through her body. When she returned, she got up and sat in the queue on the other. She opened her legs as much as he could, and leaned back so I have to squeeze her breasts. wide6 J S stood up and took off all her clothes. He took her to the height of burst position and began to fuck her in the same position as us. After literally just a few seconds, J said he was coming, and I asked my wife if she could see ! The S went from him and when J got up and stood behind him and began to shake his tail like crazy. J then fell like a bomb and asked if I could get my wife 's tits ! There was a moment of hesitation, as we had tentatively agreed not to touch the other hand, when suddenly missed my wife and knelt before her tits squeezed while J J t seemsor at least every two seconds, when his knee gave way and large groups of thick sperm shot out all over my wife 's face and tits. There were many, many, and S squeezed the last drop, as my wife turned around and showed me his radiant face covered in cum. When he turned around he was surprised and shot my load all over wide6 her face and tits as I masturbate n only the incredible spectacle. This is the first time in a couple of adventures we had. If you like, then I can put a little more. Thanks for reading.
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